A Duck in Oxford

Get ready; what’s coming up is exciting stuff: we had duck confit on Monday. At home. Yes, duck confit.

Unfortunately no, I did not reaallly make it: my friend C was kind enough to bring me back a 1kg (that’s right, 1 kilo) tin of duck confit from Paris for my birthday. From Paris with love, indeed. Continue reading

The Power of the Feast

Here it is – second post time. I have been wracking my brain all day about what I should post about, and I have come to the shocking realization that as a student living in college accommodation, with a looming thesis deadline and interviews on top of meetings on top of conferences, it is a wonder I have time to bathe, much less cook! Continue reading

Dear Calgary

This is my first post on the new site, and I want to dedicate it to Calgary – my hometown, that place I both love and hate (but only a little bit), and apparently an emerging food city. Who knew?

I left Calgary when I was 17 to attend university elsewhere; at that time, Calgary was in the baby stages of becoming a booming, bustling metropolis. Continue reading