Hark! What light through yonder window breaks? A blog!

Hello friends! It has indeed been an age. Luckily (and very excitingly for me) my thesis is printed, bound, and submitted. Hopefully winging its way to wherever it needs to go to do great things. This means that we can move onwards…always onwards and upwards! Towards the food, obviously.

While I was writing I had many, many ideas for new blogs [anything to avoid writing about the reduced neuropil hypothesis]: my absolute favorite was this one mini-rant I had about prunes. Why prunes? For some reason, I absolutely adore prunes. I have no idea why…they’re just so yummy! Like that commercial says, they really are just like candy. And they’re fruit, so I don’t feel as bad eating them as I do actual candy. Anyway, my whole point about writing about prunes was that I was going to make a whole post about weird food obsessions…so for me, that would be prunes and pretzels. And possibly the Tabasco Chipotle hot sauce [see previous post]. My mom has a weird thing about peanuts…always eating peanuts! For my friend T, it’s Easter chocolate mini eggs. Everyone has something, and it’s always so intriguing to find out what. I guess I could go on here to say how everyone’s secret food obsession reveals something hidden about their personality, but I don’t really think so…what would mine say, that I’m secretly a bit sweet but also spicy? It’s all a bit metaphysical for me.

Although let me be honest: I have way more food obsessions than just these three. I’ve sort of come to realize that I go through food fads, and will mildly obsess about certain things for a short (or long) period of time, then get over them. For example, for several months I put sriracha on everything….and now I’m kind of over it. For a little while after that it was coconut water, and then eggs en cocotte, and then bacon (although I think that one is more of a constant than a fad), and this week it’s been green onions. Who knows, maybe next week will be quail eggs. I’ll know as soon as I hit the market tomorrow.

Eggs en cocotte

Eggs en cocotte…and bacon. There may even be some green onions in there.

I know the first post back is supposed to announce my triumphant return, with a BANG! But I might prefer to quietly slide back into the swing of regular posting, so I suspect I will just leave it at that. Muse on my food obsessions, and if you have any funny ones to share, do feel free! I’m really excited about my next post, but I just have to go to the store to buy the stuff to make the thing so I can post about it :) in the meantime however, stay delicious folks!


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