To Market We Shall Go

Hello foodie friends,

Apologies for the radio silence from my end. Basically over the last six months, I have: 1) written a thesis; 2) defended a thesis; 3) moved back to Canada; 4) then moved to the US; and 5) started a PhD. So it’s been busy, but I have been stockpiling blog posts and pictures! Posts will be coming much more frequently, if only as a break from the incessant reading I have to do…I also have a working kitchen now, which helps tremendously in the food blogging arena! So, many things to be excited for :)

Before I left Oxford, in my spare time (yes, there is such a thing; yes, I briefly enjoyed having it) I headed on down to Borough Market in London. If you live in the area and have not made time to go visit, you are seriously. missing. out.

Borough Market, London

This sign just fills me with happiness :)

Borough Market has everything: raw ingredients straight from the farm, cooked items to take home, as well as many things ready to be eaten right there, such as this duck confit sandwich:

Duck confit sandwich

Yes, it was as amazing as it looks

Actually, the picture of this sandwich brings up so much more than just the memory of a nice duck: it was so cold that day and the hot duck fat was dripping all over my fingers, and the sandwich was steaming in the air, and we were sort of huddled under an overhang because it was raining (obviously), and a pigeon tried to eat my friend’s sandwich so it was squawking everywhere, and it was SO YUMMY. Great day :)

Fresh soups bubbling away

Fresh soups bubbling away


Delicious empanadas from the Argentinian stand; they also had great dulce de leche and alfajores

I would have to say my favourite part about visiting the market is getting to try all the new and different foods; there’s always some great cheeses and cured meats for your tasting pleasure, as well as dips, spreads, chocolates, breads, and, of course, paella.


A huge yet amazing vat of paella

A vegetarian pate alternative

A vegetarian pate alternative

Marinated olives

Marinated olives

You can also get amazing spices; I’m not sure why but I have a slight obsession with pickling, and even though I’ve never pickled anything ever I’m always convinced that as soon as I have a decent kitchen, equipment, and time, I will pickle all through the night. Soo I bought pickling spices. And yes, they have come from Oxford to Calgary to Orlando and they are still sitting in my cupboard, unopened. They don’t expire until sometime next year though so I will just have to make an occasion to pickle something :)

One of my personal favs...raclette! Melty toasted cheese on buttery potatoes with gherkins...making me hungry...

One of my personal favs…raclette! Melty toasted cheese on buttery potatoes with gherkins…making me hungry…

There are so many other amazing things to find, though; when I go to Borough Market it feels to me like how it feels for fashion-savvy people to hit a vintage market: JUST SO EXCITING. There are so many things I want to see and try and smell, I could (and have) spend all day here and not get bored. Especially with gems like this:

Fruit chutneys made from  leftover (but still good!) fruit. Yay for upcycling!

Fruit chutneys made from leftover (but still good!) fruit. Yay for upcycling!

Escargots with garlic butter

Already with the garlic butter in them :)


Stuffed pork

Additionally, you can also find useful items, like peacock feathers :/

?? But also kinda cool...

?? But also kinda cool…

After you get through all the food stands and deli section, you arrive at the usual part of any farmer’s market, the fresh fruit and veg. But no mundane vegetables here! Even these are gorgeous:


They (almost) look too good to eat…

Every time I visit Borough Market, I come home laden with shopping bags full of chimichurri sauce and cheese whose name I can’t pronounce, and other kitchen treats. It’s definitely a contender for one of my favourite places in London :)

But that’s enough reminiscing for today! I have readings to read and food to cook! Next time, a new post on my (slightly culinarily-challenged) new city; until then, stay delicious folks! ;)


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