A blog, a conference, and Bourbonified Cherries

Hello bloggerites!

I know, I know…worst blogger ever! Cue Chandler: could there BE a longer time between posts?! So true, but in my months off from blogging I have been cooking up all sorts of delicious things (pun fully intended!).

The first exciting thing I have to report is that in addition to this blog, I am now blogging for the online space Yummie Nation! This is a wonderful group that is dedicated to all things food and entertaining, so do be sure to give them a look see :)

The second exciting thing is that I attended Yummie Nation’s inaugural food blog conference last weekend. To be honest, it was a bit overwhelming (I have neither a cookbook, nor 10000000 followers, nor a brand ambassadorship, nor 450 hours per day to spend photog-ing) but I came away with insight and I hope a little bit of wisdom. Plus I met a ton of really cool blogging folks! [Shout out to my fellow gator jerky afficionado!] I’ve posted (and will continue to post) shots from the conference on my Instagram feed; yes, it was in Las Vegas, and yes, I ate a Flinstones-size steak. And then yes photog-ed myself with the bone. Who says you shouldn’t play with your food!

The bone to end all bones

The bone to end all bones

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