Yoga + work^2 = bananas

So…is anyone else sticking to their resolutions? I kind of am, which is why my post today will be short, sweet, and unapologetic :) although I will come up with something super fun to post next week. Yes, I am dangling a carrot.

This week (and last week) have been crazy – keeping up with this yoga challenge and work means that there has been very little time for any sort of cookery or food…ery. There were some bright spots to this over-busyness, however: my mum made her famous banana bread!


Banana bread cross-section: stratification of bread, pecans, and chocolate chips [welcome to my kind of geology]

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The Secret to a Better Morning

January is the time for new beginnings: new workout routines, new resolutions, new goals. Rather by accident, I’ve made a number of new changes: a hot yoga challenge, blogging for a new site, and posting more frequently. Yay for ambitious plans! One conscious change I’m really trying to make is to be more prepared each week, whether that means boiling up some chicken stock, making a meal plan for the week, or prepping breakfast things to grab when I’m inevitably late in the mornings (or all of the above). I fully intend to be prepared to meet Mondays head on and eyes (sort of) wide open! Continue reading

Christmas Catchup

The holidays are over, and winter has settled in for the long haul. Although I (like everyone else on the planet) eagerly anticipate and plan for the holidays, I kind of dread them in a way, because I know that I will become complacent in my daily habits of rising late, eating deliciously unhealthy things, and including booze as another food group, making it all the harder for me to return to work in January. Plus, over the holidays is when I fiiiinally have time to try out new recipes, do some “recipe development” of my own, and give myself a chance to cook without work or other commitments looming over my head. But inevitably, the flip side of all this cookery is that it is always so hectic, thus never leaving any time for photog-ing. So, I can tell you that I made pomegranate and coconut marshmallows FROM SCRATCH, but what is showing without telling? Lame, that’s what. Continue reading