Yoga + work^2 = bananas

So…is anyone else sticking to their resolutions? I kind of am, which is why my post today will be short, sweet, and unapologetic :) although I will come up with something super fun to post next week. Yes, I am dangling a carrot.

This week (and last week) have been crazy – keeping up with this yoga challenge and work means that there has been very little time for any sort of cookery or food…ery. There were some bright spots to this over-busyness, however: my mum made her famous banana bread!


Banana bread cross-section: stratification of bread, pecans, and chocolate chips [welcome to my kind of geology]

I know everyone’s mum has their own recipe for banana bread, and that everyone swears that their mom’s recipe is the best. To be honest, I’ve not had one better than the one my mum makes (says everyone ever), but when you have a moist fragrant cake, studded with chocolate chips and pecans and crunchy outside edges, who is going to disagree with you?

More than anything, I find that the appearance of the banana bread means that someone is in need of comforting; it’s strange to think that food has the power to do so much with just one little pan of baked goods, but it’s true. Without fail, every time I smell that bread baking, I feel…better. Maybe not happier (because let’s face it, life is stressful sometimes and no bananas are going to change that), but like maybe everything could turn out okay. I know banana bread is my mum’s way of showing her love and support, and since I know my mum is reading this, we all thank you!

It turns out, with banana bread in your hand, you really can face anything. Who knew it was that easy?

Stay delicious all! πŸ˜‰


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