So You Want To Be A Mixologist?

…Great, me too. To that effect, I have decided to embark on a cocktail-fueled journey to become a queen of the libation.

Last week was my final exam, so obviously this happened:

Setting up the bar

Step 1 in Becoming a Cocktail Queen (CQ for short): taste all the drinks.

My thought: how can I mix great cocktails if I don’t know what all the things taste like? Of course I know what vodka, gin, bourbon, rum taste like…but what about Campari, just on its own? Or Lillet? So I added a few new ingredients to the home repertoire and set myself out a mini taste-test. Continue reading


You Can Be My Lemon Meringue

Super exciting news: I’ve been chosen to compete in the Canadian Food Championships!! I think it’s going to be such great fun…I was looking at the other competitors and I got a bit nervous, because they’re all chefs and/or have competed before and/or just generally look intimidating, but I think even just going and competing will be awesome. Now comes the hard part…RECIPE TESTING. (Check out the website for CFC here).

I’m fairly convinced I’m going to make something with all of my favourite things (just like Maria): chocolate, bourbon, cherries, caramel. Next week official taste testing will begin, if anyone wants to volunteer for the job! Continue reading

Ham Stock, Bonbons, and Pea Plants

Split pea and ham soup

This was supposed to be my “meat free dinner”.

I was just going to cheat a little bit and use the ham stock to cook the split peas – it totally would have counted! Of course that didn’t remotely work out – there was so much meat on the bone, and also some leftover ham…it would have been such a waste to throw that out! It really made the most delicious stock. Continue reading