So You Want To Be A Mixologist?

…Great, me too. To that effect, I have decided to embark on a cocktail-fueled journey to become a queen of the libation.

Last week was my final exam, so obviously this happened:

Setting up the bar

Step 1 in Becoming a Cocktail Queen (CQ for short): taste all the drinks.

My thought: how can I mix great cocktails if I don’t know what all the things taste like? Of course I know what vodka, gin, bourbon, rum taste like…but what about Campari, just on its own? Or Lillet? So I added a few new ingredients to the home repertoire and set myself out a mini taste-test.

BittersI also included the 10 (10!!!) different kinds of bitters I have: 1 Angostura bitters, 5 Bitter Sling bitters, and 4 Scrappy’s Bitters. In the weeks to come, I’ll get more into what I thought of these (preview: the celery bitters were



My goal is to get familiar with the basic cocktails, as well as create some of my own (who doesn’t want to be creative?). I’ll share all on my cocktail-fueled journey, including any notes on ingredients, as well as hits, misses, dos, and don’ts. Don’t worry, I’m still cooking away alongside – gotta have something to soak up all those dranks!

Stay delicious, and stay thirsty! (TB to The Thirsty Traveller…)


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