Radish Greens Soup: The New Vichyssoise

I never tell people I’m a food blogger because I think it sounds super pretentious (I almost just wrote food blooger, which probably more accurately sums up how I feel about the moniker). Instead, I would prefer to tell people that I’m really, really, really into food, and I also like to talk a lot, and I enjoy writing, and therefore I write like I talk about food. Simple.

Getting artsy with a radish, aka embracing my inner food blooger

Getting artsy with a radish, aka embracing my inner food blooger

One of the things that I’ve had to reconcile with my identity as a food-loving cooker extraordinaire is the issue of food waste. [If you’re not interested in my thoughts on food waste, head right to the bottom for the recipe for radish greens soup, because it’s a winner]. Continue reading


Fizzy Ginger Campari

Fizzy Ginger CampariYou may have noticed that a lot of the drinks I’m posting are all based around Campari. I just love this bright red, bitter liqueur; it seems so appropriate for festive summer drinks. Also I have a whole bottle of it and I’m the only one in the house that likes (okay, loves) cocktails. Can’t have that bottle just sitting there, sad and lonely! #storyofmylife #explainsalot. Continue reading

Fiddleheads with Garlic Chips and Lemon

FiddleheadsSpring has officially sprung. Do you know how I know this? When it snowed the other day, it melted in only 4 hours! #welcometoCalgary. Other telltale signs are that the slug-filled cabbage from last year has unfortunately started to grow back amidst the rotting leaves from last year, prompting a swift and merciless removal (but don’t tell anyone), as well as all my favourite shows had their season finales last week; luckily I have all those TV hours PVRed to get me through the summer!

In all honesty, the arrival of spring obviously heralds the arrival of new spring produce, ushering in goodies like real tomatoes, cherries, peaches, corn, and the oh-so-elusive ramps. At this point I strongly believe that ramps are a mythical creature of legend, because I’ve never actually seen one. Therefore from here on out they will not be included in my spring vegetable repertoire. Fiddleheads, on the other hand…well. Continue reading

Wednesday Cocktail: Grapefruit SideSunset

Good morning, Wednesday! Today might not be everyone’s favourite day of the week, but I happen to quite like Wednesdays: Monday and Tuesday I am trying to catch up of everything I didn’t get done on the weekend, and by the time Wednesday rolls around, I am ready to just sit down and have a drink. Luckily for you, I have provided the receipt* for such a drink, below (the ‘archaic’ [according to Google] definition of ‘receipt’ is a recipe, and it sounds so quaint and old-fashioned, much like the resurgence in old-fashioned cocktails and vintage glassware). Continue reading