Aloha, Honolulu! Macaroni Salad, Malasadas, and More

So….time management. Yeah. That. Power to the people that can manage a busy day job and extracurriculars (or medical school) and still have an active blogging life but…. I am just not one of them. I’ll just try to bumble along as best I can, so stick it out with me!

The other day I batch-edited a whole bunch of photos that I haven’t posted yet (for blogs that I haven’t written yet…) and it made me so damn hungry. Now I will show you and you can be hungry too :)


I have the lovely fortune of having a close friend who is also a chemist, which means that when the conference for the Pacific Association of Chemists was in Honolulu this past December, I got to tag along! It was wonderful. All I did was eat and sit on the beach and look up more places to eat. What an amazing break from school. I made sure to send pictures to everyone from school to make sure they were jealous. Ha.

Our very first morning we went on a mission to find brunch; instead, we walked by this udon place that usually had a huge line wrapped around the block. This time, there was only 8 or so people in line so we had to take advantage. Honestly, I have never had such good udon…homemade, chewy noodles in a spicy curry broth. I wasn’t really expecting to have such great Asian food in Hawaii but apparently I should have been, because all the best places in Honolulu are ramen, udon, sushi…you get the idea.

Freshly made udon in a wonderfully spicy, aromatic broth

Freshly made udon in a wonderfully spicy, aromatic broth

We watched them make the noodles while we were hanging out in line and realized that the reason for all the lineups is because the noodles were constantly being made fresh so they couldn’t serve the soup until the noodles were ready! Fresh made udon –> best weakest link ever.

Spam musubi: coming soon to a diner near you

Spam musubi: coming soon to a diner near you

Obviously I couldn’t pass up the chance to have spam either, so there’s a little spam musubi too (so not as gross as it sounds, it gets nice and toasty on the grill and tastes pretty good with the rice and seafood). Best savoury breakfast.


Fried stuff

The next day, we wanted to go for some legit Hawaiian food, which basically means…fried. Rainbow Drive-In is the perfect example: cheap, quick, and pretty good food. We both got the mixed plate, which came with fried chicken, fried steak, fried fish, french fries, and macaroni salad. Notice a pattern? I would take a bite, then put half on my friend’s place…then take another bite, then put another bit on my friend’s plate…so good but just looking at this plate I could feel my arteries clogging. I know vacation is the time to eat whatever, but this was just a bit too much. That macaroni salad though…ha, “salad”. I dream about that. I looked up a recipe and apparently it’s so good because it’s got mayo and sugar in the dressing. Duh. Should have guessed.

En route to melisadas fro Leonards' Bakery

En route to malasadas from Leonards’ Bakery

Another day we did an unplanned food tour of the island, starting off with breakfast bibimbap, then poke from the back of a liquor store (this liquor store was well-known for having the best selection of different pokes so of course we had to investigate), then fresh-made malasadas, Portuguese doughnuts (the shop didn’t even have any on display, you just have to put your order in and wait until they’re ready), and then cornmeal-crusted French toast (to DIE for). For those not in the know, poke is a Hawaiian dish of raw fish, mixed with various types of seasonings like soy sauce, sesame seeds, spicy mayo, green onions, etc. If sashimi and ceviche had a love child in Hawaii, it would probably be poke. You can get all kinds of things poke-ed too: salmon, tuna, octopus, you name it. The best thing to do is just to try them all. ALL THE POKE.

On our last day, we wrapped everything up with coconut – macademia nut waffles. Unbelievable.

Macademia nut waffles - yes, just as delicious and fluffy as you think

Macademia nut waffles – yes, just as delicious and fluffy as you think

I literally have no idea how I packed so much food into a 5 day trip but I am so glad I did. I’m actually pretty impressed with myself that I didn’t have to be rolled off the island! I would love to recreate some of these dishes in my own kitchen…I love it when a trip comes home with you like that :) I have so many more foodie adventures coming up (I hope), stay tuned!


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