Amsterdam Awaits

Helloooo friends! I feel like every time I write a blog post I want to start with, “and yes it has indeed been an age, hasn’t it”, in my posh British accent, as I simultaneously twirl my handlebar moustache and gently yet emphatically stamp my lionhead-topped cane. And yet….I’m not British, have zero canes, and thank god no moustaches. But I just wanted to share that image with you, so that you can enjoy it as much as I am right now. You’re welcome!

I’m trying out something new today: rather than write a whole bunch of stuff (which I love), I’m just going to post some pictures (which I also love, so it’s kind of the same). <Aside: I tried to make it a slideshow but then you wouldn’t get to read all my pithy captions, and what is life without pith!> I somehow never get around (“somehow”) to posting pictures from trips so I thought I would start with somewhere fun: Amsterdam. And with that, I introduce you to my first travel-log blog!


Welcome to the quintessential shot of Amsterdam: canals, bikes, charm.


Even their benches are charming!


Legend has it that if you put a lock on the bridge with your lover, you will stay together forever. Or something.


Pickled herring with onions and pickles. Tasty, yet also bony. But look at the flags! I felt very Dutch.


Yes, who can resist a good stroopwafel. Especially when it’s made right in front of you and stuck together with melted caramel and drizzled with milk and white chocolate. Really. Who could resist that!

boat close

More boats! More canals! More bikes! Do you notice a theme?


Okay so this was my first introduction to bitterballen, these fried balls of saucy meaty goodness. They’re like a croquette with meat in a creamy sauce inside. Once I popped we couldn’t stop, and tried these everywhere we went. Including McDonald’s, where the bitterballen burger is actually…not bad.

no tomorrow


There was some interesting art. I wish I knew more about art or anything at all about art really but…I thought this was weird and slightly disturbing. But artistic.


Yes! Dinner with the gang: somehow managed to get a reservation for 18 of us for Indonesian food! Beauty.


…and the food wasn’t bad either! Satay and fried rice and bitterballen, all kinds of things. Since Indonesia was once a Dutch colony, Amsterdam (and I’m sure the rest of the Netherlands) are quite well known for their Indonesian food. A must-try.


And so a new day dawns…at the Heineken factory, where else!

copper still


We became certified Heineken pourers…pullers…servers?


Bitterballen x 10!! Often served with either mayo or mustard. So so good.


And lastly, a parting shot at the famous Vondelpark, home to dark, peaceful trees, biking paths, and a theatre.

I hope you enjoyed this brief trip to Amsterdam! Stay tuned for more travel-themed blogs coming up, too :)


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