The Greatest Outdoor Show (Food) on Earth: The Calgary Stampede

Candy stand at the Calgary StampedeThe Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Hard words to live up to, but the Calgary Stampede manages to do it every year, in my mind. A mix of carnival and rodeo, the Stampede sweeps into Calgary for 10 days every July, bringing Midway food, Grandstand entertainment, and bad decisions provoked by too many mini donuts in the beer garden (case in point: apparently several individuals engaged in al fresco sexual exploits outside a bar this week while being filmed, either knowingly or unknowingly). Continue reading

Sunday Supper

It’s Wednesday morning – quick, reach for the coffee – almost halfway through the work week. What are you thinking about? Wait, I know – what to make for dinner on Sunday.

After having lived in the UK for some time, I strongly feel that the Sunday Supper is an institution to respect, and whether by design or happenstance (or the fact that it’s the middle of winter in Calgary), we tend to have a roast on Sundays. Rarely, however, do we do the traditional English roast; most often, we braise a nice pork shoulder in the oven all day Sunday and snack on leftovers all week. We’re all about maximum return for minimum effort in my fam.

One of the most interesting things I’ve noticed this last month is that we have gone back to many of the dishes that we made during the holiday: a roast bird (chicken, not turkey), “Ivan” pork (more on this in the weeks to come), roast beef, and, most interestingly, glazed ham. Yes, we have taken the glazed-and-baked ham out of the holidays and planted it solidly in the wintery days of January. And nothing could be more delicious. Let me elucidate, and bring a little holiday festivity to your next Sunday supper: Continue reading

Butter My Biscuit

Peach butter. Is this an intuitive concept? Maybe it’s just me, but when I was flipping through a cookbook a few months ago, I came across this recipe and was a bit…confused. Why would you mix peaches with butter? I didn’t quite get it. Luckily, my intrepid, adventurous side urged me on and I read more, only to find out that peach butter is one of the most wonderful things imaginable. Spread on a scone, in yogurt, or on a spoon, I’m not quite sure how I managed life before peach butter.

This is gold. Liquid gold!

Continue reading

Crispy Cheesy Cornbread

So I’m sitting here trying to write a post about the yumminess of summer. All of my feeds – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress – are blowing up with people blogging and photog-ing their bounty of the summer. Well, here in Calgary there may indeed be many bountiful treats, but up until yesterday, this was my reality:

A rainy day in Calgary-town

A rainy day in Calgary-town

I was really craving something…warm and comforting. I picked up yet another cookbook last week, this one locally written by the owner of the Skoki Lodge in Lake Louise, Alberta. There was a wonderful recipe for beef short ribs, which seemed like just the ticket to combat the rain. I followed the recipe pretty exactly, and the results were stellar; see for yourself: Continue reading

Ooh la la Wednesday morning

Today I stopped by the Ooh La La Patisserie by my house in Calgary and picked up a few pastries to try; luckily, my brothers are home so likely I won’t be eating these all alone.

I tried both a pain au chocolat and a maple croissant.

Maple croissant and pain au chocolat

Maple left, chocolat right

Both were delicious: the pain au chocolat didn’t look as if it had that much chocolate in it (especially when I only cut off an end piece), but it actually did. Not sure how I missed that but it was a nice surprise when I bit into it!

I looved the maple croissant: it wasn’t super super flaky like traditional croissants, but I actually hate that because the flakes get all over my shirt, my face, and usually my hair. [Thanks, I’d like to stay a little classy as I chow down.] The outside had a nice bit of caramelizing from the maple and it had really good flavour. This just goes to show that maple syrup should be put on everything – something we Canadians have known for ages :)

Closeup of the maple goodness - look at that burnished hue!

Closeup of the maple goodness – look at that burnished hue!

These little treats were just what was needed to brighten up an otherwise dreary June morning; now, if only someone would finish them off before I eat too much….stay delicious folks!