Fizzy Ginger Campari

Fizzy Ginger CampariYou may have noticed that a lot of the drinks I’m posting are all based around Campari. I just love this bright red, bitter liqueur; it seems so appropriate for festive summer drinks. Also I have a whole bottle of it and I’m the only one in the house that likes (okay, loves) cocktails. Can’t have that bottle just sitting there, sad and lonely! #storyofmylife #explainsalot. Continue reading


Wednesday Cocktail: Grapefruit SideSunset

Good morning, Wednesday! Today might not be everyone’s favourite day of the week, but I happen to quite like Wednesdays: Monday and Tuesday I am trying to catch up of everything I didn’t get done on the weekend, and by the time Wednesday rolls around, I am ready to just sit down and have a drink. Luckily for you, I have provided the receipt* for such a drink, below (the ‘archaic’ [according to Google] definition of ‘receipt’ is a recipe, and it sounds so quaint and old-fashioned, much like the resurgence in old-fashioned cocktails and vintage glassware). Continue reading

So You Want To Be A Mixologist?

…Great, me too. To that effect, I have decided to embark on a cocktail-fueled journey to become a queen of the libation.

Last week was my final exam, so obviously this happened:

Setting up the bar

Step 1 in Becoming a Cocktail Queen (CQ for short): taste all the drinks.

My thought: how can I mix great cocktails if I don’t know what all the things taste like? Of course I know what vodka, gin, bourbon, rum taste like…but what about Campari, just on its own? Or Lillet? So I added a few new ingredients to the home repertoire and set myself out a mini taste-test. Continue reading