Spice Island

IMG_7133Well, I’ve moved to an island. It’s beautiful. We have a passion fruit tree that is literally pooping out 100 passion fruits a day. We steal mangoes from the mango tree down the road. My roommate loves to clean. This is, essentially, paradise.

And yet…

Maybe I’m just an ungrateful snot but I am so.bored. I woke up early today because I went to bed early because I’ve not been sleeping well, and I don’t think I’ve ever had such a productive day, which probably explains why it’s 9pm on a Sunday and I’ve decided now is the best time to crack open the good rum.

I can’t say that we’ve made anything super exciting in our new kitchen, although we have become increasingly reliant on a condiment known only as ‘green sauce’, an herby liquid seasoning that seems to suit everything. And of course no island lifestyle is complete without a proper jerk marinade from Grace.

There were rumours circulating amongst our colleagues on the island before us that the food was a bit shit and kind of expensive but I can only assume that they only ate sushi and KFC because we have had nothing but awesome things to eat: stewed chicken, stewed fish, fish burgers, plate lunches…ALL GOOD. In the island way, we’ve asked our taxi driver to show us how to make stewed chicken, so hopefully I’ll be able to report back on that sometime soon. In the meanwhile, enjoy these pictures of my new island home!


The Greatest Outdoor Show (Food) on Earth: The Calgary Stampede

Candy stand at the Calgary StampedeThe Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Hard words to live up to, but the Calgary Stampede manages to do it every year, in my mind. A mix of carnival and rodeo, the Stampede sweeps into Calgary for 10 days every July, bringing Midway food, Grandstand entertainment, and bad decisions provoked by too many mini donuts in the beer garden (case in point: apparently several individuals engaged in al fresco sexual exploits outside a bar this week while being filmed, either knowingly or unknowingly). Continue reading