Let’s Get Physical

Usually this is a blog about food (did the title give it away?) but I’d like to post about the anti-food: that’s right, exercise. Obviously we all need some and hopefully we all get some. [Disclaimer: I am definitely writing this post after scarfing down donuts. Not donut, but multiple donuts. So many good ones: coconut dulce de leche, chocolate potato chip, peanut butter, Nutella bacon. I’ll repeat that one: Nutella. Bacon. I cut them into thirds okay, I had to share them, but dayuuuuym they were good 🤤🤤. No shame and no regrets. Donuts are life, yo.]

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Nashville: hot chicken, NashVegas, and songwriter’s night 

Last week I finally took a vacation and headed down to Nashville for a few days. After being delayed at the airport for 3 unexpected hours, our first stop in Nashville was, of course, brunch. Where we made our first mistake: people in Nashville don’t really walk. At all. Not only is it blistering hot, but there are freeways, overpasses, and underpasses everywhere, i.e. so not conducive to walking. For those of us not used to this southern heat, the temperature took some getting used to – don’t think I’ve ever been that sweaty for consecutively so many days. Anyway, we brunched at Pinewood Social (who was gracious enought to let me keep pushing back our reservation as my flight got more and more delayed!), which seemed like it was in an out of the way spot, but which I came to realize was part of the whole suburban feel of the city had (lots of parking lots, etc). 

Brunch at Pinewood Social

I’m just waiting for Bon Appetit to give me a call, cuz this photo is so on point: chicken and waffles, coffee, and sunny side up chilaquiles at Pinewood Social.

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Ooh la la Wednesday morning

Today I stopped by the Ooh La La Patisserie by my house in Calgary and picked up a few pastries to try; luckily, my brothers are home so likely I won’t be eating these all alone.

I tried both a pain au chocolat and a maple croissant.

Maple croissant and pain au chocolat

Maple left, chocolat right

Both were delicious: the pain au chocolat didn’t look as if it had that much chocolate in it (especially when I only cut off an end piece), but it actually did. Not sure how I missed that but it was a nice surprise when I bit into it!

I looved the maple croissant: it wasn’t super super flaky like traditional croissants, but I actually hate that because the flakes get all over my shirt, my face, and usually my hair. [Thanks, I’d like to stay a little classy as I chow down.] The outside had a nice bit of caramelizing from the maple and it had really good flavour. This just goes to show that maple syrup should be put on everything – something we Canadians have known for ages :)

Closeup of the maple goodness - look at that burnished hue!

Closeup of the maple goodness – look at that burnished hue!

These little treats were just what was needed to brighten up an otherwise dreary June morning; now, if only someone would finish them off before I eat too much….stay delicious folks!

The French are coming!

Hello there! You may have noticed some changes around here…I joined the Food Bloggers of Canada (yay!), and have a lovely new badge for the page. I’m also trying a few blog challenges, not the least of which is trying to post at least once a week. Once every 10 days more be realistic, but one should always strive to improve oneself (said no one ever)…but I digress. I hope you enjoy the new changes coming down the line, hopefully making for a more engaging and accessible site for everyone :)

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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

…and this post has absolutely nothing to do with the night before Christmas. Or Christmas at all, actually. Although I have just watched Love Actually; hopefully I have gotten all of the English-isms out of my system, but you never know when one may slip in again…

Anyway, last week my roommate and I finally ventured out to a rather famous restaurant in Orlando, The Ravenous Pig. I got hopelessly lost on the way, and I blame it all on my not-so-trusty GPS, Veronica; she absolutely failed me in this instance and I was left wandering the streets of Orlando while my roommate drowned her sorrows in good bourbon. Continue reading