Amsterdam Awaits

Helloooo friends! I feel like every time I write a blog post I want to start with, “and yes it has indeed been an age, hasn’t it”, in my posh British accent, as I simultaneously twirl my handlebar moustache and gently yet emphatically stamp my lionhead-topped cane. And yet….I’m not British, have zero canes, and thank god no moustaches. But I just wanted to share that image with you, so that you can enjoy it as much as I am right now. You’re welcome!

I’m trying out something new today: rather than write a whole bunch of stuff (which I love), I’m just going to post some pictures (which I also love, so it’s kind of the same). <Aside: I tried to make it a slideshow but then you wouldn’t get to read all my pithy captions, and what is life without pith!> I somehow never get around (“somehow”) to posting pictures from trips so I thought I would start with somewhere fun: Amsterdam. And with that, I introduce you to my first travel-log blog! Continue reading

N’awlins Style

Last June (last month? yesterday?), my friend and I bopped on down to New Orleans for a few days, mostly so I could eat all the things. I feel like spending 4 days in Louisiana makes it okay for me to call it N’awlins and to talk knowingly about boudin and gator.


It was June in the South, so of course it was sweat-drippingly hot. I got there a few hours earlier than my travelling companion, so I decided to hit the gym in advance of all the eating I knew I was going to do. I had scored some sort of hipster guide to N’awlins while I was in Nashville, so I rated how much I wanted to try each of the city’s specialties (I’m serious about food, yo).

IMG_2798Once my friend arrived, we stopped at a wine-by-the-glass sort of place en route to dinner (not at Emeril’s but I had to take a picture, didn’t I! Emeril = OG), where I indulged all of my Louisiana fantasies: boudin, alligator, and fried, fried mac n’ cheese perfection.

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Spice Island

IMG_7133Well, I’ve moved to an island. It’s beautiful. We have a passion fruit tree that is literally pooping out 100 passion fruits a day. We steal mangoes from the mango tree down the road. My roommate loves to clean. This is, essentially, paradise.

And yet…

Maybe I’m just an ungrateful snot but I am so.bored. I woke up early today because I went to bed early because I’ve not been sleeping well, and I don’t think I’ve ever had such a productive day, which probably explains why it’s 9pm on a Sunday and I’ve decided now is the best time to crack open the good rum.

I can’t say that we’ve made anything super exciting in our new kitchen, although we have become increasingly reliant on a condiment known only as ‘green sauce’, an herby liquid seasoning that seems to suit everything. And of course no island lifestyle is complete without a proper jerk marinade from Grace.

There were rumours circulating amongst our colleagues on the island before us that the food was a bit shit and kind of expensive but I can only assume that they only ate sushi and KFC because we have had nothing but awesome things to eat: stewed chicken, stewed fish, fish burgers, plate lunches…ALL GOOD. In the island way, we’ve asked our taxi driver to show us how to make stewed chicken, so hopefully I’ll be able to report back on that sometime soon. In the meanwhile, enjoy these pictures of my new island home!


Aloha, Honolulu! Macaroni Salad, Malasadas, and More

So….time management. Yeah. That. Power to the people that can manage a busy day job and extracurriculars (or medical school) and still have an active blogging life but…. I am just not one of them. I’ll just try to bumble along as best I can, so stick it out with me!

The other day I batch-edited a whole bunch of photos that I haven’t posted yet (for blogs that I haven’t written yet…) and it made me so damn hungry. Now I will show you and you can be hungry too :)


I have the lovely fortune of having a close friend who is also a chemist, which means that when the conference for the Pacific Association of Chemists was in Honolulu this past December, I got to tag along! It was wonderful. All I did was eat and sit on the beach and look up more places to eat. What an amazing break from school. I made sure to send pictures to everyone from school to make sure they were jealous. Ha.

Our very first morning we went on a mission to find brunch; instead, we walked by this udon place that usually had a huge line wrapped around the block. This time, there was only 8 or so people in line so we had to take advantage. Honestly, I have never had such good udon…homemade, chewy noodles in a spicy curry broth. Continue reading

Nashville: hot chicken, NashVegas, and songwriter’s night 

Last week I finally took a vacation and headed down to Nashville for a few days. After being delayed at the airport for 3 unexpected hours, our first stop in Nashville was, of course, brunch. Where we made our first mistake: people in Nashville don’t really walk. At all. Not only is it blistering hot, but there are freeways, overpasses, and underpasses everywhere, i.e. so not conducive to walking. For those of us not used to this southern heat, the temperature took some getting used to – don’t think I’ve ever been that sweaty for consecutively so many days. Anyway, we brunched at Pinewood Social (who was gracious enought to let me keep pushing back our reservation as my flight got more and more delayed!), which seemed like it was in an out of the way spot, but which I came to realize was part of the whole suburban feel of the city had (lots of parking lots, etc). 

Brunch at Pinewood Social

I’m just waiting for Bon Appetit to give me a call, cuz this photo is so on point: chicken and waffles, coffee, and sunny side up chilaquiles at Pinewood Social.

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