A breath of fresh air

Hurrah!! I’m alive!

For the last little while, I’ve been on and off thinking about this blog. Do I enjoy writing? I think the answer to that is still yes. Do I have time for it? The answer is generally no but also not that relevant. Do I still feel the same passion and enthusiasm for food as I did when I first started? Unfortunately I think the answer to that is also no. But then I think, does this blog really have to be about food? In fact, it doesn’t ‘have’ to be about anything, because let’s face it, it’s mine and I can post about anything that strikes my fancy, regardless of what the title is. Continue reading

In short, MIA

Greetings earthlings! I know I’ve been MIA in a big way, and unfortunately will continue to be so, for at least the next month and a half. Long story short, thinking about the future and life, I’ve finally taken the reins into my own hands (you’ll see why this is funny in a second) and have started to work towards achieving my dream. It’ll be a tough slog but the food will get me through :)

Incidentally, I’ve also suffered a minor horseback riding incident Continue reading