Flashback to…Christmas 2015

K so back to Christmas. I know…I know! Everyone was doing Christmas posts starting from like…November 1, and even before that (all to get the Christmassy pins into Pinterest’s algorithm in time to reap the benefits of the no-doubt frantic holiday pinning frenzy), and then even after that, to do the Christmas wrap up. So sue me, I’m two months late, but that means this will be a new and exciting topic, yes? All part of my plan to keep my posts from stagnating in a sea of well-written Christmas cheer…

Anyway, this past holiday season I made ALL THE THINGS. The holidays are the best time, because aside from family and friends and all that wonderful stuff, I finally have time to cook pretty much anything I want in the kitchen. All the unhealthy things. All the time consuming things. All the three-course-meal things. You get the point.  Continue reading


Aloha, Honolulu! Macaroni Salad, Malasadas, and More

So….time management. Yeah. That. Power to the people that can manage a busy day job and extracurriculars (or medical school) and still have an active blogging life but…. I am just not one of them. I’ll just try to bumble along as best I can, so stick it out with me!

The other day I batch-edited a whole bunch of photos that I haven’t posted yet (for blogs that I haven’t written yet…) and it made me so damn hungry. Now I will show you and you can be hungry too :)


I have the lovely fortune of having a close friend who is also a chemist, which means that when the conference for the Pacific Association of Chemists was in Honolulu this past December, I got to tag along! It was wonderful. All I did was eat and sit on the beach and look up more places to eat. What an amazing break from school. I made sure to send pictures to everyone from school to make sure they were jealous. Ha.

Our very first morning we went on a mission to find brunch; instead, we walked by this udon place that usually had a huge line wrapped around the block. This time, there was only 8 or so people in line so we had to take advantage. Honestly, I have never had such good udon…homemade, chewy noodles in a spicy curry broth. Continue reading

A Trip to the World Food Championships

I need to get better at these 4 am mornings.

Three weeks ago, I got the call; the call that all amateur (and professional, I’m sure) chefs, cooks, bloggers, and foodies dream of getting: someone had to drop out of the World Food Championships and they WANT ME TO TAKE THEIR PLACE. Yeah I’m kind of in medical school and all but…you only live once, right? When is the next time I’ll get a chance to compete at any kind of food event, much less an international one? Exactly never. And ergo, I find myself at the airport at 5 am, waiting for my first of 3 flights today, before my mum and I get up into kitchen stadium tomorrow and bake away.
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Easy Char Siu Pork Belly

So I started medical school last month. And it’s…kind of busy. Understatement of the century, I know, but with one month (almost two!) of this stuff under my belt, I feel like I can almost take a breath. The first few weeks were terrifying, really; my mind just felt like cheese (the food analogies will not be stopping there!), kind of holey and not really retaining anything. Certainly nothing like the sponge that eager young minds are supposed to be! But I do feel like now I kind of have my groove, or at least something resembling a groove. Hopefully it won’t be as long between when I can make time for writing, but rest assured that even though I am a busy bee, I am still making time for the important things. Like cooking and eating.

Afternoon tea calls to me...every afternoon

Afternoon tea calls to me…every afternoon

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Road to the Canadian Food Championships

A few months ago a Twitter user with the handle @CDNFoodChamps started following me on Twitter. Once I realized that this account was for an actual competition and not just a bunch of food champions from Canada (???) tweeting and being generally obnoxious, I’ll admit I was intrigued. I’m a casual cook (a ‘home cook’ is how I think they put it), and not really terribly efficient when I’m in the kitchen anyway, but when I saw that they were recruiting for a competition this summer, I thought why the hell not and went for it.

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