Hoofin’ it home

Hey there #latepost. So I went home (ie back to Canada) a while ago for a visit. Like almost 2.5 months a while ago. I’m hoping now that semester 1 (or 6, but who’s counting) is almost done, a new routine will start to develop: school, TA, research, horses, art, cook, eat leftovers, BLOG, rinse, repeat. Now that I’ve realized how much I enjoy not reading my textbooks, I’ll feel less guilty when I fill textbook time with food time :) either way, a barrage of #lateposts are coming your way! especially now that I found a fancy photo editor thingy for my iPad. Huzzah, blogging on the go! Now if I only had a tube ride during the day when I could actually blog while, genuinely, on the go…

Right so let’s talk about the title: hoof. The Black Hoof, in fact. A restaurant of this very same name and colour opened up in TO about 5 years ago, and I am so sad to say that I have only just recently been able to go visit. But man oh man did I enjoy myself. Continue reading


Eat More Weird Stuff

It’s March 18th; who’s kept up with their New Year’s Resolutions? Right, that’s what I thought. Not me either. Oh well.

Rifle through your memories to New Year’s 2011; can you even remember your New Year’s Resolution? I certainly cannot…luckily, I wrote a post to commemorate the event. My 2011 Resolution was to Eat More Weird Stuff. This resolution was inspired by a recent trip to St John, the nose-to-tail restaurant in London’s Smithfield Continue reading