A Trip to the World Food Championships

I need to get better at these 4 am mornings.

Three weeks ago, I got the call; the call that all amateur (and professional, I’m sure) chefs, cooks, bloggers, and foodies dream of getting: someone had to drop out of the World Food Championships and they WANT ME TO TAKE THEIR PLACE. Yeah I’m kind of in medical school and all but…you only live once, right? When is the next time I’ll get a chance to compete at any kind of food event, much less an international one? Exactly never. And ergo, I find myself at the airport at 5 am, waiting for my first of 3 flights today, before my mum and I get up into kitchen stadium tomorrow and bake away.
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Road to the Canadian Food Championships

A few months ago a Twitter user with the handle @CDNFoodChamps started following me on Twitter. Once I realized that this account was for an actual competition and not just a bunch of food champions from Canada (???) tweeting and being generally obnoxious, I’ll admit I was intrigued. I’m a casual cook (a ‘home cook’ is how I think they put it), and not really terribly efficient when I’m in the kitchen anyway, but when I saw that they were recruiting for a competition this summer, I thought why the hell not and went for it.

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Wednesday Cocktail: Grapefruit SideSunset

Good morning, Wednesday! Today might not be everyone’s favourite day of the week, but I happen to quite like Wednesdays: Monday and Tuesday I am trying to catch up of everything I didn’t get done on the weekend, and by the time Wednesday rolls around, I am ready to just sit down and have a drink. Luckily for you, I have provided the receipt* for such a drink, below (the ‘archaic’ [according to Google] definition of ‘receipt’ is a recipe, and it sounds so quaint and old-fashioned, much like the resurgence in old-fashioned cocktails and vintage glassware). Continue reading

Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Bourbon Petits Fours

Caramel petit fourWell, I’m in love. Yes, these petits fours are that good – they might even be the best dessert-type thing I’ve ever made. No joke. I’m realizing that these in fact may be 4 of my favourite ingredients; I’ve definitely combined them on more than one occasion! (Fyi, check out these peanut butter caramel brownies if you love chocolatepeanutbuttercaramel as much as I do). Next thing you know, I’ll pull a Maria and compose a song on the fly and dance around the kitchen with my mixer and whisk. Continue reading

A blog, a conference, and Bourbonified Cherries

Hello bloggerites!

I know, I know…worst blogger ever! Cue Chandler: could there BE a longer time between posts?! So true, but in my months off from blogging I have been cooking up all sorts of delicious things (pun fully intended!).

The first exciting thing I have to report is that in addition to this blog, I am now blogging for the online space Yummie Nation! This is a wonderful group that is dedicated to all things food and entertaining, so do be sure to give them a look see :)

The second exciting thing is that I attended Yummie Nation’s inaugural food blog conference last weekend. To be honest, it was a bit overwhelming (I have neither a cookbook, nor 10000000 followers, nor a brand ambassadorship, nor 450 hours per day to spend photog-ing) but I came away with insight and I hope a little bit of wisdom. Plus I met a ton of really cool blogging folks! [Shout out to my fellow gator jerky afficionado!] I’ve posted (and will continue to post) shots from the conference on my Instagram feed; yes, it was in Las Vegas, and yes, I ate a Flinstones-size steak. And then yes photog-ed myself with the bone. Who says you shouldn’t play with your food!

The bone to end all bones

The bone to end all bones

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