A Trip to the World Food Championships

I need to get better at these 4 am mornings.

Three weeks ago, I got the call; the call that all amateur (and professional, I’m sure) chefs, cooks, bloggers, and foodies dream of getting: someone had to drop out of the World Food Championships and they WANT ME TO TAKE THEIR PLACE. Yeah I’m kind of in medical school and all but…you only live once, right? When is the next time I’ll get a chance to compete at any kind of food event, much less an international one? Exactly never. And ergo, I find myself at the airport at 5 am, waiting for my first of 3 flights today, before my mum and I get up into kitchen stadium tomorrow and bake away.
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Road to the Canadian Food Championships

A few months ago a Twitter user with the handle @CDNFoodChamps started following me on Twitter. Once I realized that this account was for an actual competition and not just a bunch of food champions from Canada (???) tweeting and being generally obnoxious, I’ll admit I was intrigued. I’m a casual cook (a ‘home cook’ is how I think they put it), and not really terribly efficient when I’m in the kitchen anyway, but when I saw that they were recruiting for a competition this summer, I thought why the hell not and went for it.

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You Can Be My Lemon Meringue

Super exciting news: I’ve been chosen to compete in the Canadian Food Championships!! I think it’s going to be such great fun…I was looking at the other competitors and I got a bit nervous, because they’re all chefs and/or have competed before and/or just generally look intimidating, but I think even just going and competing will be awesome. Now comes the hard part…RECIPE TESTING. (Check out the website for CFC here).

I’m fairly convinced I’m going to make something with all of my favourite things (just like Maria): chocolate, bourbon, cherries, caramel. Next week official taste testing will begin, if anyone wants to volunteer for the job! Continue reading

It’s Friday. Eat Cake!

This post is accidentally more apropos that I intended it to be – just perfect for all those late planners out there. Last week, a Monday happened (ARGHH) and it was decided that it was time for cake. An orange cake. And, it’s blood orange season, so a BLOOD ORANGE CAKE! Woohoo! The brightly tinted juice and zest gives this cake a pleasant pink tinge, ideal for…say it with me…Valentine’s Day! Make this cake and give it to your Valentine :)

When I was in the UK, I picked up this book called, “Cakes: River Cottage Handbook No.8”. I’m not sure what’s in volumes 1 through 7 (although I am anxious to find out, I must admit), and I first tried this orange cake in a teeny tiny kitchen, using my coffee cup as a cup measure and that’s it. It was wildly successful: the batter is thick and sticky, which is slightly disconcerting, but seems quite forgiving, and the orange zest looks beautiful and smells divine. But the best part about this cake Continue reading

Pineapple Upside Down Cake, 3 ways

Sometimes I look at other people’s blogs and want to scream (or weep). How does your (‘your’ referring to these nebulous other people who post professional-looking food pictures all over twitter, instagram, and facebook) food look so perfect, and (I’m assuming) taste so good too?! Don’t tell me you (now ‘you’ referring to yourself, the reader) haven’t experienced this. I know you have! It’s like seeing airbrushed bodies in fashion magazines, except it’s food. This is somewhat ironic. [I wonder if people ever airbrush food?]

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