The Greatest Outdoor Show (Food) on Earth: The Calgary Stampede

Candy stand at the Calgary StampedeThe Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Hard words to live up to, but the Calgary Stampede manages to do it every year, in my mind. A mix of carnival and rodeo, the Stampede sweeps into Calgary for 10 days every July, bringing Midway food, Grandstand entertainment, and bad decisions provoked by too many mini donuts in the beer garden (case in point: apparently several individuals engaged in al fresco sexual exploits outside a bar this week while being filmed, either knowingly or unknowingly). Continue reading


Dear Calgary

This is my first post on the new site, and I want to dedicate it to Calgary – my hometown, that place I both love and hate (but only a little bit), and apparently an emerging food city. Who knew?

I left Calgary when I was 17 to attend university elsewhere; at that time, Calgary was in the baby stages of becoming a booming, bustling metropolis. Continue reading