Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Bourbon Petits Fours

Caramel petit fourWell, I’m in love. Yes, these petits fours are that good – they might even be the best dessert-type thing I’ve ever made. No joke. I’m realizing that these in fact may be 4 of my favourite ingredients; I’ve definitely combined them on more than one occasion! (Fyi, check out these peanut butter caramel brownies if you love chocolatepeanutbuttercaramel as much as I do). Next thing you know, I’ll pull a Maria and compose a song on the fly and dance around the kitchen with my mixer and whisk. Continue reading


Pineapple Upside Down Cake, 3 ways

Sometimes I look at other people’s blogs and want to scream (or weep). How does your (‘your’ referring to these nebulous other people who post professional-looking food pictures all over twitter, instagram, and facebook) food look so perfect, and (I’m assuming) taste so good too?! Don’t tell me you (now ‘you’ referring to yourself, the reader) haven’t experienced this. I know you have! It’s like seeing airbrushed bodies in fashion magazines, except it’s food. This is somewhat ironic. [I wonder if people ever airbrush food?]

Anyway, the point of this thought is that appearances can be deceiving. Perfection is not always attainable, nor desirable –> key life lesson here, folks. I will be the first to admit, Continue reading

Peanut. Butter. Caramel. Fudge. Brownies.

Folks, we are approaching survival mode. What does this mean? This means I have 2 weeks to complete my lab work and start writing my thesis. This means panic. This means I start eating McDs at every available opportunity…WAIT. That last one does not sound like me at all. Yes, I may be a typical grad student (perpetually concerned about money, except when I’m spending it on too much booze, always complaining about my thesis, etc etc), but I have discovered, to my joy and delight, that my panic-cooking has evolved Continue reading