Fudgy Fudgy Chocolate Cake

Fudgy Fudgy Chocolate Cake

Fudgy Fudgy Chocolate Cake

I made another cake.

I know. Probably you will just have to buy bigger jeans, or start hitting up the yoga. Just a heads up: there’s going to be an alarming number of cake Fridays’s coming your way in the next little bit. I just signed up to compete in the Canadian Food Championships in, obviously, the dessert category; I won’t know if I’ve been chosen till April-ish, but how exciting! And you all can benefit from my practice runs :) Apologies in advance for any drooling that occurs. Continue reading

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

…and this post has absolutely nothing to do with the night before Christmas. Or Christmas at all, actually. Although I have just watched Love Actually; hopefully I have gotten all of the English-isms out of my system, but you never know when one may slip in again…

Anyway, last week my roommate and I finally ventured out to a rather famous restaurant in Orlando, The Ravenous Pig. I got hopelessly lost on the way, and I blame it all on my not-so-trusty GPS, Veronica; she absolutely failed me in this instance and I was left wandering the streets of Orlando while my roommate drowned her sorrows in good bourbon. Continue reading