On Finding Your Passion, and Rhubarb

Have you ever wanted to do something so so badly but just never seemed to find the time? Yeah, that’s blogging for me. I love it, love feeling creative and writing and seeing when people like what I write (or not, haha) and just putting something out into the world that seems authentically me. And yet, I never seem to have time for it. There’s TedTalk after self-help book after webinar about finding your passion and doing what you love and all that, but sometimes in order to get to your passion, you have to wade through the rough times first. And other times, just because you’ve found something you’re passionate about, that doesn’t mean that you should automatically decide to do that as a career for the rest of your life. I like to draw – but I draw for shit. If I ever want to eat again, I should definitely not become an artist.

I was watching this TedEx talk the other day by Terri Trespicio called, “Stop Searching for Your Passion“. I both want to find my passion and pursue it, and also sometimes feel guilty and self-indulgent for wanting this. I have some people telling me that I should follow my passion and other people tell me I should just do something that will help me earn a living so I can follow my passion on the side. I think I’ve come to the right decision for me, but listening to this TedEx talk put some of these issues into perspective. If you are struggling with this sort of existentialist crisis (and who isn’t, amIrite), give it a listen.

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Chocolate Cherry Coconut Cookies

Chocolate cherry coconut cookies

Man, am I ever glad I’ve got a sweet tooth. I don’t really understand people who don’t like sweets, or even worse, don’t like chocolate. What makes them get up in the morning?? What do they snack on? HOW DO THEY SURVIVE?!

It was just two of us at home this week, so there was no call for a big dessert. Let me rephrase…there is always call for a big dessert, but there is no call for me to eat a whole recipe’s worth of a big dessert. There’s only so much yoga one can do, after all. Obviously cookies were the solution.

It just so happens that this week, Bon Appetit sent me the recipe for salted chocolate chunk cookies… three times. In the same day. Besides the fact that Bon Appetit needs to check their listserve (3 times? really?), I took this as a sign that cookies needed to happen. But then I read the recipe, and there were egg yolks, and 3 different kinds of sugar, and…it all just seemed a bit too fussy for Tuesday night. Thus, with some inspiration from the back of the Chipits bag, I decided to make my own, super-fun, Tuesday-night cookies chock-ful of all the best stuff. Read on, adventurous cookie maker, and enjoy! Continue reading