A Trip to the World Food Championships

I need to get better at these 4 am mornings.

Three weeks ago, I got the call; the call that all amateur (and professional, I’m sure) chefs, cooks, bloggers, and foodies dream of getting: someone had to drop out of the World Food Championships and they WANT ME TO TAKE THEIR PLACE. Yeah I’m kind of in medical school and all but…you only live once, right? When is the next time I’ll get a chance to compete at any kind of food event, much less an international one? Exactly never. And ergo, I find myself at the airport at 5 am, waiting for my first of 3 flights today, before my mum and I get up into kitchen stadium tomorrow and bake away.
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Southern girl rising

Are you ready for this? I am about to give you some potentially bad, yet oh-so-delicious advice. Here it comes…

Eat more now! Right now!!

Eat more now! Right now!!

That’s right. I guess if one were being honest, this is not really my advice, but in fact the advice at 4 Rivers Smokehouse, here in Orlando [yes, my first Orlando post. Yay!]. Although before we get to that, let’s start at the very beginning. Continue reading