Apple and Cherry Stuffing

Apple and cherry stuffingIt might be the first day of spring, but that doesn’t mean that the weather got the memo! Contrary to popular hope/the calendar, it is not super warm out there, and not even sunny. This is not the end of winter, folks! Sorry to disappoint, but at least you will be able to squeeze in a few more braises/stews/chilies/etc.

I don’t know why, but time and again this winter I have turned to pork for the basis of so many comfort food dishes. Pork shoulder, braised with chillies and served on top of soft polenta, or pork marinated in rice wine, honey, and garlic, or a crowd-pleasing stuffed pork loin. I suppose I should be focusing on spring-like food, but I don’t know if I’m ready to give up the warm comforting winter dishes I’ve grown so accustomed to. What am I saying – of course I am. Luckily, this pork stuffing (or “apple relish” if you will), Continue reading


Chocolate Cherry Coconut Cookies

Chocolate cherry coconut cookies

Man, am I ever glad I’ve got a sweet tooth. I don’t really understand people who don’t like sweets, or even worse, don’t like chocolate. What makes them get up in the morning?? What do they snack on? HOW DO THEY SURVIVE?!

It was just two of us at home this week, so there was no call for a big dessert. Let me rephrase…there is always call for a big dessert, but there is no call for me to eat a whole recipe’s worth of a big dessert. There’s only so much yoga one can do, after all. Obviously cookies were the solution.

It just so happens that this week, Bon Appetit sent me the recipe for salted chocolate chunk cookies… three times. In the same day. Besides the fact that Bon Appetit needs to check their listserve (3 times? really?), I took this as a sign that cookies needed to happen. But then I read the recipe, and there were egg yolks, and 3 different kinds of sugar, and…it all just seemed a bit too fussy for Tuesday night. Thus, with some inspiration from the back of the Chipits bag, I decided to make my own, super-fun, Tuesday-night cookies chock-ful of all the best stuff. Read on, adventurous cookie maker, and enjoy! Continue reading