Hoofin’ it home

Hey there #latepost. So I went home (ie back to Canada) a while ago for a visit. Like almost 2.5 months a while ago. I’m hoping now that semester 1 (or 6, but who’s counting) is almost done, a new routine will start to develop: school, TA, research, horses, art, cook, eat leftovers, BLOG, rinse, repeat. Now that I’ve realized how much I enjoy not reading my textbooks, I’ll feel less guilty when I fill textbook time with food time :) either way, a barrage of #lateposts are coming your way! especially now that I found a fancy photo editor thingy for my iPad. Huzzah, blogging on the go! Now if I only had a tube ride during the day when I could actually blog while, genuinely, on the go…

Right so let’s talk about the title: hoof. The Black Hoof, in fact. A restaurant of this very same name and colour opened up in TO about 5 years ago, and I am so sad to say that I have only just recently been able to go visit. But man oh man did I enjoy myself. Continue reading


To Market We Shall Go

Hello foodie friends,

Apologies for the radio silence from my end. Basically over the last six months, I have: 1) written a thesis; 2) defended a thesis; 3) moved back to Canada; 4) then moved to the US; and 5) started a PhD. So it’s been busy, but I have been stockpiling blog posts and pictures! Posts will be coming much more frequently, if only as a break from the incessant reading I have to do…I also have a working kitchen now, which helps tremendously in the food blogging arena! So, many things to be excited for :)

Before I left Oxford, in my spare time (yes, there is such a thing; yes, I briefly enjoyed having it) I headed on down to Borough Market in London. If you live in the area and have not made time to go visit, you are seriously. missing. out. Continue reading

Those ones are feisty, they are!

So I know I kind of bigged up all the exciting things that I was going to cook and describe in this post at the end of my last post…but then the oven/stove broke. Soo that won’t be happening, unfortunately. I’ll keep it on the (metaphorical) backburner for now, and return to it either when college gets a new stove (unlikely) or I get back home next month (probable).

However, for your viewing pleasure this evening, I have some great shots of one of my favorite restaurants in Oxford, My Sichuan. It’s located right beside the bus bays in Gloucester Green, and so is a little out of the way. They serve Sichuan cuisine (shocking), and my friends at Wikipedia tell me that Sichuan cuisine is considered one of the four great traditions in Chinese cuisine. Continue reading

Hark! What light through yonder window breaks? A blog!

Hello friends! It has indeed been an age. Luckily (and very excitingly for me) my thesis is printed, bound, and submitted. Hopefully winging its way to wherever it needs to go to do great things. This means that we can move onwards…always onwards and upwards! Towards the food, obviously.

While I was writing I had many, many ideas for new blogs [anything to avoid writing about the reduced neuropil hypothesis]: my absolute favorite was this one mini-rant I had about prunes. Why prunes? Continue reading

We Be Jammin’

Last weekend I, at the behest of my new friend I, took a stroll down to the Jam Factory for breakfast. My friend was quite excited to go, but after reading the menu, I was less than: it read like your typical (English) breakfast place, nothing interesting. There was the usual full English, the full English vegetarian, and some other egg dishes. Booorinng. However, I fully intended to go and get as much out of the experience as possible; the Jam Factory is a lovely setting, at the very least. Continue reading