Ooh la la Wednesday morning

Today I stopped by the Ooh La La Patisserie by my house in Calgary and picked up a few pastries to try; luckily, my brothers are home so likely I won’t be eating these all alone.

I tried both a pain au chocolat and a maple croissant.

Maple croissant and pain au chocolat

Maple left, chocolat right

Both were delicious: the pain au chocolat didn’t look as if it had that much chocolate in it (especially when I only cut off an end piece), but it actually did. Not sure how I missed that but it was a nice surprise when I bit into it!

I looved the maple croissant: it wasn’t super super flaky like traditional croissants, but I actually hate that because the flakes get all over my shirt, my face, and usually my hair. [Thanks, I’d like to stay a little classy as I chow down.] The outside had a nice bit of caramelizing from the maple and it had really good flavour. This just goes to show that maple syrup should be put on everything – something we Canadians have known for ages :)

Closeup of the maple goodness - look at that burnished hue!

Closeup of the maple goodness – look at that burnished hue!

These little treats were just what was needed to brighten up an otherwise dreary June morning; now, if only someone would finish them off before I eat too much….stay delicious folks!


Bienvenue a 2014!

Hello friends! Welcome to the beginning of week 4, 2014 :) has anyone kept their resolution? Does anyone even make resolutions anymore? Anyway, those of you that have (and have kept them!), power to you. I’m trying to gym a ton so as soon as I get my 8-pack, I’ll be sure to post a nice snap.

Originally I was going to write a review of this great resto I went to when I was home in Calgary, but then I tried a new recipe today and I’m just too excited! I made thyme gougeres from a Bon Appetit recipe (October 2013 issue) for some friends Continue reading