The Secret to a Better Morning

January is the time for new beginnings: new workout routines, new resolutions, new goals. Rather by accident, I’ve made a number of new changes: a hot yoga challenge, blogging for a new site, and posting more frequently. Yay for ambitious plans! One conscious change I’m really trying to make is to be more prepared each week, whether that means boiling up some chicken stock, making a meal plan for the week, or prepping breakfast things to grab when I’m inevitably late in the mornings (or all of the above). I fully intend to be prepared to meet Mondays head on and eyes (sort of) wide open! Continue reading


Granola girl

One of my favourite breakfasts and snacks is granola with Greek yogurt. I don’t know if I’ve copped into Bobby Flay’s Fage commercials (Faiii-yayyy), or if it’s the fact that yogurt is creamy and dreamy all in one, but I suspect it has more to do with the blank canvas that is plain Greek yogurt. One could add anything: fruit, nuts, grains, syrup (of course), chocolate bits (obvi), coconut flakes…the world is your oyster! Or, shall we say, the world is your yogurt… :)

In the morning, when I’m late for school and trying to make coffee and pour it into the mug and get dressed and get some breakfast in a Tupperware to eat in the car and make sure I’ve got my umbrella and my shoes and my phone and my keys….I need something quick and easy to take for breakfast. Et voila, a yogurt parfait! I like to top my yogurt with some fresh berries (I prefer them over fruit like apples because they are a bit sweeter, and over bananas because I don’t need to chop them!), and some homemade granola. Continue reading