Crispy Cheesy Cornbread

So I’m sitting here trying to write a post about the yumminess of summer. All of my feeds – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress – are blowing up with people blogging and photog-ing their bounty of the summer. Well, here in Calgary there may indeed be many bountiful treats, but up until yesterday, this was my reality:

A rainy day in Calgary-town

A rainy day in Calgary-town

I was really craving something…warm and comforting. I picked up yet another cookbook last week, this one locally written by the owner of the Skoki Lodge in Lake Louise, Alberta. There was a wonderful recipe for beef short ribs, which seemed like just the ticket to combat the rain. I followed the recipe pretty exactly, and the results were stellar; see for yourself: Continue reading

Snow report

Good morning friends! I am currently sitting in the airport on the way home for Christmas…lots of lovely snow coming down here in Toronto! So excited to be back in a place where snowmen and Christmas carols about how cold it is outside make sense.

Coincidentally, I was here a few weeks ago, on my way back from the UK. I had a ton of work to do once I got back in Orlando, exams and papers and grading oh my; what did I do as soon as I got home? I made wonton soup. Continue reading

Hark! What light through yonder window breaks? A blog!

Hello friends! It has indeed been an age. Luckily (and very excitingly for me) my thesis is printed, bound, and submitted. Hopefully winging its way to wherever it needs to go to do great things. This means that we can move onwards…always onwards and upwards! Towards the food, obviously.

While I was writing I had many, many ideas for new blogs [anything to avoid writing about the reduced neuropil hypothesis]: my absolute favorite was this one mini-rant I had about prunes. Why prunes? Continue reading