Ham Stock, Bonbons, and Pea Plants

Split pea and ham soup

This was supposed to be my “meat free dinner”.

I was just going to cheat a little bit and use the ham stock to cook the split peas – it totally would have counted! Of course that didn’t remotely work out – there was so much meat on the bone, and also some leftover ham…it would have been such a waste to throw that out! It really made the most delicious stock. Continue reading

Sunday Supper

It’s Wednesday morning – quick, reach for the coffee – almost halfway through the work week. What are you thinking about? Wait, I know – what to make for dinner on Sunday.

After having lived in the UK for some time, I strongly feel that the Sunday Supper is an institution to respect, and whether by design or happenstance (or the fact that it’s the middle of winter in Calgary), we tend to have a roast on Sundays. Rarely, however, do we do the traditional English roast; most often, we braise a nice pork shoulder in the oven all day Sunday and snack on leftovers all week. We’re all about maximum return for minimum effort in my fam.

One of the most interesting things I’ve noticed this last month is that we have gone back to many of the dishes that we made during the holiday: a roast bird (chicken, not turkey), “Ivan” pork (more on this in the weeks to come), roast beef, and, most interestingly, glazed ham. Yes, we have taken the glazed-and-baked ham out of the holidays and planted it solidly in the wintery days of January. And nothing could be more delicious. Let me elucidate, and bring a little holiday festivity to your next Sunday supper: Continue reading