Aloha, Honolulu! Macaroni Salad, Malasadas, and More

So….time management. Yeah. That. Power to the people that can manage a busy day job and extracurriculars (or medical school) and still have an active blogging life but…. I am just not one of them. I’ll just try to bumble along as best I can, so stick it out with me!

The other day I batch-edited a whole bunch of photos that I haven’t posted yet (for blogs that I haven’t written yet…) and it made me so damn hungry. Now I will show you and you can be hungry too :)


I have the lovely fortune of having a close friend who is also a chemist, which means that when the conference for the Pacific Association of Chemists was in Honolulu this past December, I got to tag along! It was wonderful. All I did was eat and sit on the beach and look up more places to eat. What an amazing break from school. I made sure to send pictures to everyone from school to make sure they were jealous. Ha.

Our very first morning we went on a mission to find brunch; instead, we walked by this udon place that usually had a huge line wrapped around the block. This time, there was only 8 or so people in line so we had to take advantage. Honestly, I have never had such good udon…homemade, chewy noodles in a spicy curry broth. Continue reading