A Letter of Truths

Bet you thought you wouldn’t hear from me this week…! Ha!

Right so, so many things on my mind. Let me go in geological order:

I meal prepped! Duh. I always meal prep. This week I did fish en papillote, which is fish in little parchment packets, with olive tapenade and chard. I did some thinly sliced potatoes on the side, because carbs. Continue reading


Meal prep boss

Hello! Fancy meeting you here!

I received a lot of really unexpected – but very much welcomed – support of my post last week. Whether it was friends liking my post (even though I know not all of them read it, I still appreciate it!), to encouragement of maintaining my blog my way, to messages from friends close by and far away agreeing or commenting or challenging me, it’s so nice to have the support/inspiration/confidence and really motivation. Even though I really truly am going to blog for myself, it just makes us human that we seek and glow from the attention and caring from our peers. So, consider me human ☺️.

This week I started a new rotation and the hours are way more relaxed than my last Continue reading