Southern girl rising

Are you ready for this? I am about to give you some potentially bad, yet oh-so-delicious advice. Here it comes…

Eat more now! Right now!!

Eat more now! Right now!!

That’s right. I guess if one were being honest, this is not really my advice, but in fact the advice at 4 Rivers Smokehouse, here in Orlando [yes, my first Orlando post. Yay!]. Although before we get to that, let’s start at the very beginning. Continue reading


To Market We Shall Go

Hello foodie friends,

Apologies for the radio silence from my end. Basically over the last six months, I have: 1) written a thesis; 2) defended a thesis; 3) moved back to Canada; 4) then moved to the US; and 5) started a PhD. So it’s been busy, but I have been stockpiling blog posts and pictures! Posts will be coming much more frequently, if only as a break from the incessant reading I have to do…I also have a working kitchen now, which helps tremendously in the food blogging arena! So, many things to be excited for :)

Before I left Oxford, in my spare time (yes, there is such a thing; yes, I briefly enjoyed having it) I headed on down to Borough Market in London. If you live in the area and have not made time to go visit, you are seriously. missing. out. Continue reading