Crispy Cheesy Cornbread

So I’m sitting here trying to write a post about the yumminess of summer. All of my feeds – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress – are blowing up with people blogging and photog-ing their bounty of the summer. Well, here in Calgary there may indeed be many bountiful treats, but up until yesterday, this was my reality:

A rainy day in Calgary-town

A rainy day in Calgary-town

I was really craving something…warm and comforting. I picked up yet another cookbook last week, this one locally written by the owner of the Skoki Lodge in Lake Louise, Alberta. There was a wonderful recipe for beef short ribs, which seemed like just the ticket to combat the rain. I followed the recipe pretty exactly, and the results were stellar; see for yourself: Continue reading


‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

…and this post has absolutely nothing to do with the night before Christmas. Or Christmas at all, actually. Although I have just watched Love Actually; hopefully I have gotten all of the English-isms out of my system, but you never know when one may slip in again…

Anyway, last week my roommate and I finally ventured out to a rather famous restaurant in Orlando, The Ravenous Pig. I got hopelessly lost on the way, and I blame it all on my not-so-trusty GPS, Veronica; she absolutely failed me in this instance and I was left wandering the streets of Orlando while my roommate drowned her sorrows in good bourbon. Continue reading