Flashback to…Christmas 2015

K so back to Christmas. I know…I know! Everyone was doing Christmas posts starting from like…November 1, and even before that (all to get the Christmassy pins into Pinterest’s algorithm in time to reap the benefits of the no-doubt frantic holiday pinning frenzy), and then even after that, to do the Christmas wrap up. So sue me, I’m two months late, but that means this will be a new and exciting topic, yes? All part of my plan to keep my posts from stagnating in a sea of well-written Christmas cheer…

Anyway, this past holiday season I made ALL THE THINGS. The holidays are the best time, because aside from family and friends and all that wonderful stuff, I finally have time to cook pretty much anything I want in the kitchen. All the unhealthy things. All the time consuming things. All the three-course-meal things. You get the point.Β  Continue reading


Christmas Catchup

The holidays are over, and winter has settled in for the long haul. Although I (like everyone else on the planet) eagerly anticipate and plan for the holidays, I kind of dread them in a way, because I know that I will become complacent in my daily habits of rising late, eating deliciously unhealthy things, and including booze as another food group, making it all the harder for me to return to work in January. Plus, over the holidays is when I fiiiinally have time to try out new recipes, do some “recipe development” of my own, and give myself a chance to cook without work or other commitments looming over my head. But inevitably, the flip side of all this cookery is that it is always so hectic, thus never leaving any time for photog-ing. So, I can tell you that I made pomegranate and coconut marshmallows FROM SCRATCH, but what is showing without telling? Lame, that’s what. Continue reading