Radish Greens Soup: The New Vichyssoise

I never tell people I’m a food blogger because I think it sounds super pretentious (I almost just wrote food blooger, which probably more accurately sums up how I feel about the moniker). Instead, I would prefer to tell people that I’m really, really, really into food, and I also like to talk a lot, and I enjoy writing, and therefore I write like I talk about food. Simple.

Getting artsy with a radish, aka embracing my inner food blooger

Getting artsy with a radish, aka embracing my inner food blooger

One of the things that I’ve had to reconcile with my identity as a food-loving cooker extraordinaire is the issue of food waste. [If you’re not interested in my thoughts on food waste, head right to the bottom for the recipe for radish greens soup, because it’s a winner]. Continue reading


To Market We Shall Go

Hello foodie friends,

Apologies for the radio silence from my end. Basically over the last six months, I have: 1) written a thesis; 2) defended a thesis; 3) moved back to Canada; 4) then moved to the US; and 5) started a PhD. So it’s been busy, but I have been stockpiling blog posts and pictures! Posts will be coming much more frequently, if only as a break from the incessant reading I have to do…I also have a working kitchen now, which helps tremendously in the food blogging arena! So, many things to be excited for :)

Before I left Oxford, in my spare time (yes, there is such a thing; yes, I briefly enjoyed having it) I headed on down to Borough Market in London. If you live in the area and have not made time to go visit, you are seriously. missing. out. Continue reading