Nashville: hot chicken, NashVegas, and songwriter’s night 

Last week I finally took a vacation and headed down to Nashville for a few days. After being delayed at the airport for 3 unexpected hours, our first stop in Nashville was, of course, brunch. Where we made our first mistake: people in Nashville don’t really walk. At all. Not only is it blistering hot, but there are freeways, overpasses, and underpasses everywhere, i.e. so not conducive to walking. For those of us not used to this southern heat, the temperature took some getting used to – don’t think I’ve ever been that sweaty for consecutively so many days. Anyway, we brunched at Pinewood Social (who was gracious enought to let me keep pushing back our reservation as my flight got more and more delayed!), which seemed like it was in an out of the way spot, but which I came to realize was part of the whole suburban feel of the city had (lots of parking lots, etc). 

Brunch at Pinewood Social

I’m just waiting for Bon Appetit to give me a call, cuz this photo is so on point: chicken and waffles, coffee, and sunny side up chilaquiles at Pinewood Social.

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Southern girl rising

Are you ready for this? I am about to give you some potentially bad, yet oh-so-delicious advice. Here it comes…

Eat more now! Right now!!

Eat more now! Right now!!

That’s right. I guess if one were being honest, this is not really my advice, but in fact the advice at 4 Rivers Smokehouse, here in Orlando [yes, my first Orlando post. Yay!]. Although before we get to that, let’s start at the very beginning. Continue reading