Ham Stock, Bonbons, and Pea Plants

Split pea and ham soup

This was supposed to be my “meat free dinner”.

I was just going to cheat a little bit and use the ham stock to cook the split peas – it totally would have counted! Of course that didn’t remotely work out – there was so much meat on the bone, and also some leftover ham…it would have been such a waste to throw that out! It really made the most delicious stock. Continue reading


The Secret to a Better Morning

January is the time for new beginnings: new workout routines, new resolutions, new goals. Rather by accident, I’ve made a number of new changes: a hot yoga challenge, blogging for a new site, and posting more frequently. Yay for ambitious plans! One conscious change I’m really trying to make is to be more prepared each week, whether that means boiling up some chicken stock, making a meal plan for the week, or prepping breakfast things to grab when I’m inevitably late in the mornings (or all of the above). I fully intend to be prepared to meet Mondays head on and eyes (sort of) wide open! Continue reading